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Is It Too Late For Avatar Sequel To Release?

There is still time for Avatar 2 to release but the curiosity about its plot and casts is increasing. The first sequel was the cinema’s biggest sci-fi blockbuster, but the universe has changed in a decade since the release of Avatar (2009).


It has been 11 years and now Jake Sully and Neytiri have become a family. But their happy life is cursed by an old threat that returns to finish what they started in the first sequel. While they try to stay together, they are forced to wander and explore the different regions of Pandora. The challenge before Jake is the biggest of his life.

Highlights Of The Movie:

A 900,000-gallon tank was built specially to shoot underwater scenes
Blending underwater filming and performance capture has been never accomplished before
Jake and Neytiri enter into a “marital dispute” and their three-page argument develops into an “emotional rollercoaster”
Stephen Lang is brought back as the dead Colonel Miles Quaritch and he’s made the main villain
Vin Diesel has joined the Avatar franchise as marine biologist Dr Ian Garvin, one of Cameroon’s favorite characters

Avatar 2 First Look And Poster

What we see is a logo of Avatar series. The letter “A” in bold emerges on the horizon. Designed in deep blue with a grey background, the logo is awe-inspiring.

Why Watch The Movie?

Avatar (2009) was a blockbuster and a similar kind of thrill and entertainment is promised by Avatar 2. Also, the highlights give an insight into the high-octane drama woven by the Avatar team.


The total cost of Avatar sequels could exceed $1 billion
James Cameroon had plans to shoot the movie in Challenger Deep
Sony built a new camera called “Venice Camera” for the movie
Avatar 2 is rumoured to have multiple titles… Read more


Amir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha Will Be Shot In Turkey

Amir Khan will shoot the remaining half of his upcoming movie “Laal Singh Chaddha” in Turkey according to a release by the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Laal Singh Chaddha

A remake of 1994 US comedy-drama “Forrest Gump”, the movie was being shot in India before the work was stymied by the pandemic. But Amir Khan refused to start the work again in India and started looking for a safe and suitable place to shoot the rest of the movie. And he zeroed on Turkey. Amir Khan is both producer and lead actor of “Laal Singh Chaddha”.

Why Turkey?

The 55-year Indian international actor Amir Khan gives reasons for choosing Turkey to shoot “Laal Singh Chaddha”. He said that he had been to Turkey sometime back and that he was impressed with the advance technical infrastructure, facilities and workforce capacity of the Turkish film industry.

Amir Khan is scheduled to visit Turkey with his crew to start preparations for the shooting with the help of the support from Turkish ministry. The shooting is expected to start in October and it would continue for 40 days. Turkish ministry will host prominent personalities of Indian cinema for the shooting of “Laal Singh Chaddha”.

The Dangal star was in Turkey on a special invitation from the Culture and Tourism Ministry in 2017 for the promotion of his movie “Secret Superstar”. It is exactly when he drew great interest in Istanbul and especially the capital Ankara.

Laal Singh Chaddha actors and director

Amir Khan is the lead star of the movie. Another big name of the movie is Kareena Kapoor, who was also his actress in “3 Idiots”. Advait Chandan who directed “Secret Superstar” is the director of “Laal Singh Chaddha”.… Read more


Netflix Starts Hindi Service

Netflix will have more Hindi from today. It has launched a Hindi user interface for convenience of the Hindi viewers whose number has increased in the recent years.

Netflix’s Hindi UI

Monika Shergill, VP of content Netflix India, said that delivering a great Netflix experience was as important to them as creating great content. Her mailed statement read that they believed the new UI would make Netflix even more accessible and better suit members that prefer Hindi.

Hindi UI is available under Manage Profiles > Language on the Netflix website. Everything including sign-up, title names, search and payment option will be available in Hindi. Also, the language settings are made profile specific to allow different members on the same Netflix account choose their language preference.


Netflix languages

Netflix said that the Hindi UI will be available for global audiences. Presently the streaming service is offered in 26 different languages. Since Hindi is a preferred language in India and most of the local-language Netflix originals like Sacred Games, Delhi Crime and Choked are in Hindi, it makes sense to add Hindi to the language choice.

Netflix subtitles and dubbing

Netflix’s Hindi service will be different from regular subtitles and dubbing where originals are dubbed or streamed with subtitles in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. But not all originals are available with Indian-language subtitles or dubs. Here the streaming service wants to increase that. But it should be ready for the side-effects like censorship of Hollywood movies and TV shows.… Read more