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Saamy Square: Is the movie all about action?

Saamy Square trailer is out and it has started trending on YouTube and social media. Sequel the 2003 movie Saamy, the Saamy Square is similar to its prequel in many ways. In 2003 Saamy, Vikram played the character of DCP Aarusaamy and in 2018 Saamy Square, he is seen in the role of Ramabootham, the daring son of Aarusaamy. Vikram has the double role in the Saamy Square.

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The trailer starts with the scene of Parliament and then enters the super-cop Vikram. He drives a police van fast towards a site and kicks a villain hard on coming out of the van. In the second scene, he is seen firing at a politician who’s running out of Parliament. In the third scene, Vikram is seen in the dress of a Brahmin. He’s performing puja and also beating the villains.

It is an action-packed trailer with the scenes running very fast. Also, there are fewer dialogues than fight scenes.

Initial release: 14 June 2018
Language: Tamil
Cast: Vikram, Bobby Simha, Prabhu, Soori, Aishwarya Bhaskaran
Director: Hari
Music director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Priyan, A. Venkatesh



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