Salman’s Kick 2 Movie

salma's kick 2 movie trailer

What Sajid Nadiadwala has to say about Kick 2

The script for the sequel of the 2014 blockbuster of Salman Khan, Kick, is under consideration but its release is confirmed. The superstar has booked Christmas 2019 for his Kick 2. Sajid Nadiadwala has announced the sequel and has started working on the script but he isn’t ready to reveal much about the movie.

salma's kick 2 movie trailer

Here’re excerpts of the interviews Sajid Nadiadwala gave to media while meeting the press on different occasions

“When you are working with Salman Khan, you’ve to think big and out-of-the-box. The superstar takes interest in scriptwriting and sometimes becomes a co-writer. His followers are huge and he’s to perform according to the expectations of his followers. It is all about the chemistry between Salman Khan and the director”

“Salman Khan doesn’t react to an offer instantly. He only gives his nod and then schedules storytelling session after a month. And he takes another two months to react to the script. He’s a superstar with an excellent track record of blockbusters. He gets great ideas after listening to the script”, Sajid further added that he enjoyed a good understanding with the superstar.

“All news about Salman Khan having a double role in the upcoming Kick 2 is rubbish. It is a mere assumption made on the basis of the last movie. Salman Khan did a double in Kick and he is unlikely to repeat the double in Kick 2. The story is still under development and it is only after a discussion with the superstar that the things will start getting a shape. But there are little chances of Salman Khan doing double second time”

“Sajid Nadiadwala confirmed Jacqueline Fernandez, the lead actress and love interest of Salman Khan in Kick, for the sequel. He was talking to a leading daily while making the announcement wearing a smile on his face. But he smilingly put a question mark on the final decision of taking Jacqueline Fernandez against Salman Khan in Kick 2. Since the story is still under consideration, the superstar can make last minute changes in the story and the stars”

“Saji accepted that he was a little bit nervous at the time of making Kick. It was his first time and he’s working with a superstar. But the movie did well and Sajid is planning its sequel. Devil will be back for the second time and Sajid can think of making the third installment of Kick, if Devil fans demand”

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