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Teen Titans Go Movie Review

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies to become superheroes

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is another superhero movie from the stable of DC Comics but it promises a different adventure. And it would be better to say that this movie is born out of the desire of every cartoon character of DC Comics. When every character is being personified in movies then why should some characters left behind?

Demanding toon characters 

The Teen Titans don’t want to remain mere audience of the other characters. They want their own movie but the Teens aren’t taken seriously. They are comedy stars and Warner Bros. Animation makes movies of superheroes only. The Titans aren’t superheroes hence they aren’t suitable for making action thrillers. The characters that are always seen doing petty things and enjoying sandwiches and chocolates can’t become a savior of the world. The Titans need to do something that makes them superheroes.

Making of superheroes 

The Titans decide to approach leading Hollywood directors but they are rejected and doors are shut on them. Discouraged from the response, they think of another way to become superheroes. And the second step of …

Puzzle Movie Rview 0

Puzzle Movie Review: Puzzle reflects the desperation of average homemakers

Puzzle: It’s a rare drama with so many jigsaw puzzles to solve

Puzzle stars Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in lead roles. A remake of a 2010 Argentine movie of the same name, Puzzle revolves around the life of a suburban mother of two teenage children living a hellish life with her small-minded husband and disobedient sons. But her life comes to a full circle when she discovers her passion for jigsaw puzzles and a life in piecing together jigsaw pieces.


Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) lives with her husband Louie (David Denman) and two sons, Ziggy (Bubba Weiler) and Gabe (Austin Abrams) in a suburban area. Like an average homemaker, she’s always taken for granted but Agnes knows that she’s above average. She finds interest in piecing jigsaw puzzles together and goes on making a striking career in her new found interest.

A life-changing birthday gift 

The most important part of the movie is Agnes getting a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle as her birthday gift. She finds it amazing and develops a curiosity for piecing those pieces. Good at solving puzzles, she soon finds that she can piece any jigsaw and starts looking for more opportunities …

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Nawabzaade Movie Review: There are more item numbers in the movie

Nawabzaade: Varun Dhawan’s item number is the biggest attraction of the movie

Nawabzaade is a romantic comedy by Jayesh Pradhan but the highlight of this movie is fresh faces. All the lead actors are fresh despite working in a couple of films. The movie has three male characters and one female actress. To make sure that the movie gets a brand name, the director has invited many senior actors in the guest appearance.

nawabzaade movie review

Meet the stars of Nawabzaade 

Simple is beautiful seems to be the theme of the movie. When everyone is running after big names, director Jayesh Pradhan decided to do something different with fresh faces. But he didn’t ignore the star-power altogether.

Varun Dhawan, a well-known name in the film industry, accepted the request of appearing in song “High Rated Gabru”

Shraddha Kapoor, the Teen Patti actress and Filmfare awardee, will be seen dancing with Varun Dhawan in the movie

Athiya Shetty D/O Sunil Shetty is also giving guest appearance in a song that is “Tere Naal Nachna”

Also, there are two more stars in guest appearance. Shakti Mohan Dance India Dance fame is appearing in “Amma Dekh” and Sanjeeda Sheikh of Baghban will be seen in the …