About US

“Watching a good movie is like reading a good book”

With plenty of movies to see, choosing a good picture could be a difficult job. People have their favorite actors, actresses, co-stars, directors and story writers but they need more information to make opinion on movies. They read stories and also go through reviews to know which movies they should see. Everyone has a different taste and for this reason people look for movies that suit to their tastes.

If you take a movie to be a book, our website will be like a library and each review will be like a preface that will give you interesting information on each movie. We will tell you good and bad things about all the movies and also we will provide information on movies that are soon to be released.

Every movie has a story and also every movie has its target viewers. Some movies are made for kids, while others are for families. Also there are movies that fall into other genres like crime and science-fiction. We will tell you background stories about filmmaking, direction and star selection.

Trailers are released as teasers but we make the trailers complete with quick intro about the stories. We make trailers more interesting by supporting the trailers with stories.