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Movie Murga is a budding movie review website with global reach. It started as a blog for movie buffs but developed into a full-scale review website for the movie-world.

Movie Murga does three things:

  • Updates the audience about forthcoming movies
  • Reports important events related to movie-world
  • Gives news, views and reviews on running and upcoming flicks

Audiences like Movie Murga for it’s:

  • Content

  • Presentation

  • Values

Movie Murga is capable of serving unique content on time because it is managed and monitored by a small but dedicated team of experts. It is growing by leaps and bounds because of its policy of Non-Alignment in business. The website is strictly for movies and it adheres to its objective of providing news of movie-world; views of experts and reviews of upcoming movies.

Hundreds of movie buffs visit Movie Murga daily to check forthcoming movies and plan movie nights. The high traffic of Movie Murga could be an asset for you as the visitors include buyers of consumer goods; health conscious people; bookworms; fashion aficionados and travelers. If you have good content to offer, Movie Murga would be happy to serve your content to its visitors.

Reasons for advertising with us

We call it communication instead of advertising. Our visitors are always in search of quality content.

Businesses looking for targeted traffic can Contact Us for publication of their content including infographics/images/graphs/messages. Technically speaking, it would be an ad copy but for viewers, it would be a piece of informative content served in a presentable manner.

The second advantage of partnering with our site is the limelight we can provide to your business. Exposure to hundreds of visitors will certainly bring your business to the fore. The exposure would help in brand building and ingetting organic traffic in the long run.

Movie buffs visit our website when they are free and in the mood to read some quality content. We want to say that our visitor-retention rate is higher than other sites. Also, we’ve recurring visitors. It is beneficial for you as your message will remain before the audience for a longer time.

Business can benefit from our partnership

Movie Murga is an entertainment based website hence it has a wider reach than business specific sites. Our visitors are people of all ages; professions; hobbies; income groups and regions, beliefs, faiths and cultures. Everyone likes movies and everyone wants to know about the forthcoming movies.