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Sacred Games starts between Congress, Netflix, and Nawazuddin Siddqiui

Why Nawazuddin Siddiqui abused Rajiv Gandhi in a TV show?

Netflix’s first Indian original series, Sacred Games won international acclaim soon after its release but it hit a roadblock in its fourth episode. Sacred Games is a novel by Vikram Chandra published in 2006. It is a story of many generations from the Emergency in 1975 to the dealing of Shah Bano case in 1985 and all the events are pieced together with a golden thread that is money.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

What is the case?

The fourth episode gives a clear indication of the inability of Rajiv Gandhi in dealing with Shah Bano case and his dealing of Bofors that proved to be a gaffe for Rajiv Gandhi. A formal complaint against Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Netflix and the producers of the show has been filed in a Kolkata police station by a local Congress leader. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde, a notorious gangster in the series.

Here’s what Nawazuddin says in the disguise of a gangster

Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde is seen abusing Rajiv Gandhi with the slang fattu in the fourth episode. He further says “Shah Bano ko alag jalaya, desh ko …

Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Review 0

Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Review

Hotel Transylvania 3: It is actually a revenge movie but is made a comedy

Hotel Transylvania 3 is a family entertainer where a monster tells the lesson of love to a human. The story stretches from past in 1897 when monsters have a close escape from the frim hands of a ruthless vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. What happened in 1897 is repeated in 2018 but the end is happy for all and it is accepted that monsters are like human.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Review

How did Sony Pictures give attributes of human to cartoon characters?

The Dracula family is on a cruise vacation where they expect a lot of fun and entertainment. The ship sails towards big waters in the ocean and the vacationers on the ship start feeling the thrill of floating over the deep blue water. But Dracula has set his eyes on the beautiful captain of ship Ericka and he proposes her to come on a date. But little does he know that Ericka is the granddaughter of that vampire hunter that Dracula defeated in 1897.

Dracula’s is a peace-loving family

In the movie, Dracula is running a successful hotel …

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Skyscraper Movie Review

Skyscraper: The real-looking structure is the only interesting thing in the movie

Skyscraper: Why did Rawson Marshall Thurber need an amputee FBI agent for the movie isn’t known?

Skyscraper is Dwayne Johnson’s big budget action thriller in which he’s playing the character of a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and an amputee. And Dwayne Johnson honors the amputee community. He respects the courage with which amputee community is contributing to the growth of the society.

skyscraper movie review

The real-looking Skyscraper, The Pearl

It was a 240-storey building in Hong-Kong and it was built to look real said its architect Adrian Smith. Smith’s firm has been behind some of tallest structures of the world and for this reason Rawson Marshall Thurber, director of Skyscraper, hired Smith for the job. And he wanted Smith to make it unbelievable. Smith further maintained that it wasn’t a fictional building but a real-looking structure.

Story of The Pearl

The Pearl is declared invincible. Its owners have firm belief that no-one can ever breach its security but the security officer Will Sawyer has a different opinion. As a retired FBI agent, he can sense danger but the owners refuse to buy his …