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Race 3 Movie Review

Race 3: There is hit written all over the movie and the stars

Race 3 will release for public on June 15, 2008 but a special screening was organized at the behest of superstar Salman Khan. This screening was only for a selected few that include former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Singh Rawat.

race 3 movie review

Eye witness account of Race 3

The audience that enjoyed Race 3 before its official release gave it full marks especially Salman Khan that is said to have a very crucial role in the movie. The story of the movie is well-known but the inside information is that there is more to the movie than available on Wikipedia and other websites. Even Google doesn’t have full details of the movie.

It is a visual treat said one insider. He went to the extent of saying that it is very difficult to summarize the movie in words. It can be reviews only after seeing. It is story of a family involved in crime and the family members are indulged in betrayal, conspiracy and greed for money and power. But the way the story …


Veere Di Wedding Movie Review

Veere Di Wedding Movie Review: Kareena Kapoor Khan looks more appealing after the birth of her son Taimur

Veere Di Wedding is releasing on June 1st, 2018, in India and in Sindh in Pakistan. But it is banned in Pakistan Punjab. The objection raised about the movie is its language that is found to be vulgar by Pakistan censor board.

Content supports the story

It is the story of four childhood friends that reunite after a decade in a posh wedding. The friends now belong to different social communities; have individual opinions on life and want to live life according to their sweet wills. There is much swearing in the movie and it seems to be the demand of the story. These friends belong to Delhi that is a cosmopolitan city and here swearing among women friends is quite common.

One of the four friends is going to marry her love but others have different views on marriage. While one opts for an arranged marriage, the other one prefers remaining single mother and the last one seems to have an addiction.

We see that the story demands swearing when four …