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Helicopter Eela Movie Review

Helicopter Eela: Watch Amazing Chemistry Of Kajol And Riddhi Sen

Helicopter Eela is a family comedy movie by Ajay Devgn. The film stars Kajol and Riddhi Sen, the National Award Winning Bengali actor. It is the story of a single mom trying to balance her personal wishes with her family responsibilities – a mom trying to live a free woman in the patriarchal society.


Eela D’Souza (Kajol) lives with her son Vidvaan Arora (Riddhi Sen) who’s a college student. Eela feels wants to utilize her free time and her son suggests studies. She agrees and decides to join the college with her son. One day she drops in the college and introduced her as a student. It is a surprise moment for Vidvaan and from here things start twisting. The mom in Eela always keeps an eye on her son but Vidvaan feels offended. He warns Eela of undue and unexpected interruption in his personal life and leaves home when Eela refuses to change her attitude.

Highlight of the movie 

  • Kajol stuns with her adventurous role of a student mom
  • Her new avatar and role has been praised by

Aayushmann Khurrana’s Andhadhun Movie Review

Andhadhun: Aayushmann Khurrana Plays Lead Role In Tabu Starrer Movie

Andhadhun has been a declared a movie with a difference and also the best movie of Hindi cinema in 2018. And what substantiate this claim is the strong star-cast that includes the veteran actor Tabu and Zakir Hussain. And the leading star is Ayushmann Khurrana.


Ayushmann Khurrana is a blind pianist who loves playing piano more than anything else. Radhika Apte is his love interest. They were happy in their world when suddenly the story takes a turn. A murder happens before Aayushmann Kuhurrana and he becomes witness to a crime. But his inability to see prevents him from describing the events that led to the murder.

The murdered wants to make sure that Ayushmann Khurrana doesn’t reveal anything to anyone. He chases Ayushmann to confirm that the pianist is unknown about the crime. But what is revealed is astonishing for the audience. The movie becomes unfolding of a murder mystery.

Highlights of the movie:

  • The story is quite intriguing
  • Aayushmann Khurrana reveals his identity slowly
  • It is a perfect mix of music and murder
  • Ayushmann Khurrana playing

Loveratri Movie

Loveratri Movie: Aayush Sharma Starts His Journey To Bollywood With Warina Hussain and Salman Khan

Karan Joharwas all praises for Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain after the special screening of Loveyatri, the debut movie of Aayush Sharma (brother-in-law of Salman Khan) and Warina Hussain. Also, the movie has been reviewed as a musical love story even by critics.


Sushrut (Aayus Sharma) meets Michelle (Warina Hussain) during the festival of Navratri. Attracted by the cool look and friendly gestures of Michelle, Sushrut falls in love with her. But little does he know that Michelle belongs to UK and that she has to leave for her home country. Michelle starts winding up her India trip after the Navratri festival is over. Sushrut, on hearing that Michelle is leaving, also embarks on a journey to win her back.

Salman Khan has worked hard to get things work for his brother-in-law. Whether it is the story or screenplay or costume or venue, Salman Khan took personal interest in choosing the best for the movie.

Highlights of the movie:

• Aayush Sharma has been praised for his acting
• Warina Hussain has also done …