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Is It Too Late For Avatar Sequel To Release?

There is still time for Avatar 2 to release but the curiosity about its plot and casts is increasing. The first sequel was the cinema’s biggest sci-fi blockbuster, but the universe has changed in a decade since the release of Avatar (2009).


It has been 11 years and now Jake Sully and Neytiri have become a family. But their happy life is cursed by an old threat that returns to finish what they started in the first sequel. While they try to stay together, they are forced to wander and explore the different regions of Pandora. The challenge before Jake is the biggest of his life.

Highlights Of The Movie:

A 900,000-gallon tank was built specially to shoot underwater scenes
Blending underwater filming and performance capture has been never accomplished before
Jake and Neytiri enter into a “marital dispute” and their three-page argument develops into an “emotional rollercoaster”
Stephen Lang is brought back as the dead Colonel Miles Quaritch and he’s made the main villain
Vin Diesel has joined the Avatar franchise as marine biologist Dr Ian Garvin, one of Cameroon’s favorite characters

Avatar 2 First Look And Poster

What we see is a logo of Avatar series. The letter “A” in bold emerges on the horizon. Designed in deep blue with a grey background, the logo is awe-inspiring.

Why Watch The Movie?

Avatar (2009) was a blockbuster and a similar kind of thrill and entertainment is promised by Avatar 2. Also, the highlights give an insight into the high-octane drama woven by the Avatar team.


The total cost of Avatar sequels could exceed $1 billion
James Cameroon had plans to shoot the movie in Challenger Deep
Sony built a new camera called “Venice Camera” for the movie
Avatar 2 is rumoured to have multiple titles… Read more

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Hollywood Horror Film Suspiria(2018) Review

Suspiriais the remake of the 1977 movie of the same name. It’s a horror movie based on the dance of life. A prestigious dance academy is allegedly run by a coven that exploits young and innocent dancers to attain immortality and supreme power.

Suspiria: It Has All Key Elements of The Original Movie

Suspiria Story 

The Markos Dance Academy in Berlin is a revered institution for dancing but it is in trouble because of the illness of its founder Helena Markos and the mysterious disappearance of Patricia, a noted dancer of the academy. Before disappearing, Patricia confided in her therapist Dr. Josef Klemperer that the academy is run by witches.

Susie is an aspiring dancer and a great follower of the Berlin dance academy. She travels from the US to Berlin only to give audition for her selection in the academy. Susie impresses the academy mentors with her performance and gets entry into the coveted dance academy. But she soon realizes that she’s become a victim of a larger conspiracy.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The movie looks very close to the novel it is based on
  • It has both a history and a menace
  • The film explores and threads multiple ideas into one
  • It’s an art-horror movie with the best of photography

Suspiria First Look & Poster 

suspiria movie review

The poster has a splash of red color that imparts it a bloody look matching with the theme of the movie. There are some unrecognized faces seen in the bloody poster canvas and the name of the movie so written that it looks like a piano.

Why watch the movie? 

It’s a classic horror and remake of a 1977 movie of the same name. The story is interesting as it seems to make sense.

Movie Trailer


  • Jessica Harper played Suzy in the 1977 movie and Anke in the 2018 remake
  • Dakota Johnson took rigorous training for her role as Susie Bannion
  • The 2018 remake is an hour longer than the original 1977 movie
  • The 2018 Suspiria lacks the vibrant color palette of the original Suspiria
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Hunter Killer Movie Review

Hunter Killer: Gerard Butler And Gary Oldman In Cold War Era Submarine Adventure

Hunter Killer is based on the 2012 novel Firing Point by Don Keith and George Wallace.The story of the movie is clichéd but the presentation makes it interesting. It is the cold-war story told in a new way where Russians are divided into two groups – anti-US and pro-US.

Hunter Killer Movie Story 

The US Navy loses a submarine in the frozen Arctic Ocean. Another sub under the command of Commander Joe Glass is sent to investigate what happened to that sub. On the mission, Joe finds that lost American sub and also discovers a sunken Russian submarine. Further investigation reveals that the Russian sub was damaged due to internal sabotage.

It is the story of a Russian coup where the Russian defense minister Dmitri Durov upstages the Russian President Zakarin. He holds America responsible for the Russian coup and prepares for a war with the US. Joe Glass senses the danger and acts fast to rescue the Russian President and avert the WW III.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The movie takes the audiences to the cold war era
  • It is a lengthy and hard movie full of seamen
  • The stuff is surprisingly solid and occasionally suspenseful
  • A war drams set below the frozen waters of Arctic

Hunter Killer First Look & Poster 

hunter killer movie

The poster has Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman staring at the unfolding of the war drama. Picture of a submarine cuts their foreheads but their red faces are clearly visible in the dark poster of Hunter Killer.

Why watch the movie? 

It’s a political movie involving two superpowers – America and Russia. Action movie lovers will find the story interesting.

Movie Trailer


  • Gerard Butler took training on USS Houston for the movie
  • He slept in the XO’s quarters during his voyage in USS Houston
  • The movie was scheduled to be shot close to a Russian naval base in Alaska
  • McG and Tony Scott were considered for direction
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