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First Man Movie Review

First Man: It’s a tribute to the great astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong


Neil Alden Armstrong was 39 at the time of landing on the moon on 20 July 1969. He was 75 at the time of launch of his first book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong in 2005. Neil A. Armstrong died at 82 on 25 August 2012 and his first movie released on 31 August 2018.But the movie originally started in 2003 a little before the launch of the book.

first man movie review

The making of the First Man 

In early 2003, actor-director Clint Eastwood started the movie in collaboration with Warner Bros. Eastwood has earlier directed and acted in the space-themed movie Space Cowboys in early 2000 but the First Man movie got stuck in development hell and it couldn’t take off despite Neil A. Armstrong taking interest in the movie. It was only after the young director Damien Chazelle took over the project that film came out of the development tangle.

The First Man Neil Alden Armstrong 

The film shows the real Neil A. Armstrong called among the greatest of American heroes. Based on the book, …


Johnny English Strikes Again Movie

Johnny English Strikes Again: Rowan Atkinson Making Fun Of Secret Service

Johnny English Strikes Again depends on one notion that is cyber-attack. M17 has all its present agents exposed and the organization is left with no option other than to turn to the retired agents to work as undercover but one stupid retire agent Johnny English incapacitates all the retired agents except him.


A sequel to the 2011 movie Johnny English Reborn, this action comedy looks like a flop imitation of James Bond. Rowan Atkinson plays the stupid undercover who uncovers all the retirees and takes the responsibility of fulfilling the challenge of solving the cyber-attack mystery that exposed M17 before the world. In the operation, he visits France where he meets a beautiful Russian spy who tries to honey-trap him. But English somehow manages to come out of her network.

Highlights of the movie:

• Rowan Atkinson looks pretty young at the age of 63
• The story underlines the threat of cyber-attack
• Real world can be ruled from the virtual world
• Proves undercover agents never retire

Johnny English Strikes Again


Venom Movie

Venom: Tom Hardy Plays A Powerful Dual Role To Look Like A Real Venom

Venom is another Spidey movie based on a Marvel Comics character. The movie introduces a symbiote looking for a host that it curses with superpowers. It must find a human host to survive and his first host is an investigative journalist.


Eddie Brock is an ex-reported of a leading news publication. He’s looking for a big assignment to make a comeback to investigative journalism and his quest for a story takes him to Life Foundation where Carlton Drake is experimenting on the symbiotes. Carlton Drake believes that human race is almost done and he is doing the best he can to save the human. But his experiments prove detrimental to the human civilization.

Eddie Brock becomes the first victim of Venom and Carlton Drake becomes the second victim of another symboite called Riot. Both the heroes have now become superheroes and are struggling to cope with their new found identity.

Highlights of the movie:

• Symbiote is a new spider villain that takes human host
• The hero becomes Venom and is seen struggling to …