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Under the Silver Lake Movie Review

What mystery lays Under the Silver Lake?

Under the Silver Lake is a mixture of black comedy, mystery, thrill and action. It is Los Angeles. Sam is a young and affable city boy who spends time playing games, decoding messages and watching his beautiful neighbor Sarah, who’s just relocated to the next door house.

under the silver lake movie

It seems to be a love story….

Whether Sam and Sarah are friends isn’t known but it is certain that Sam is attracted towards Sarah and he likes watching her from his home. Sarah is a good swimmer and she often swims in her apartment pool. Sam enjoys seeing Sarah jumping in the pool and then coming out. But one day, Sarah doesn’t come out of the pool.

Suspicious disappearance of a woman

She disappears before her eyes and it is unbelievable, where could has one gone from a pool when there is no exit route from the waterbody. Believing that she must be in trouble, Sam sets out in her search but surprising things start unfolding. It is a saga of the gray part of the silver city. Los Angeles has a secret life where there is mystery, scandal and conspiracy.

Sam finds a bitter truth about Los Angeles

The city that looks calm and happy from outside is quite agitated from inside. It has billionaires but they are involved in illegal activities; there are celebrities but hey follow unethical ways to remain in limelight and there is a pop culture that is nothing to do with the music or culture.

Would Sam be able to free Sarah back from the darker side of the city?

Under the Silver Lake First Look & Poster

This beautiful poster has Sarah going down the pool. She looks unconscious and in the bottom there is the city of Los Angeles. The sun rays are coming from the top but there is little light in the bottom. Name of the movie with the release date is written on the bottom.

Why watch the movie?

The only reason for watching the movie is its suspense. The way the suspense starts … Read more

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Movie Review

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Movie

The movie gives no idea about where the rescued dinos would be taken and what happens to the dinos escaped into high seas

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is the fifth installment of the Jurassic Park film series and the second part of the Jurassic World trilogy. But the story starts from the Jurassic World (2015) where the dinos at the luxury resort and theme park Isla Nublar destroythe park on letting loose.


The story starts with the destruction of the theme park

Isla Nublar is an abandoned park and it is dangerous to go there because it is now inhabited by dinosaurs including the damn T-Rex. And the government has no plans to save the park. On the contrary, it is decided to allow the dinos to fend for them until they meet the fate of their ancestors.

Jurrasic world movie


Suddenly, a dead volcano on the island comes to life. The government decides to let the dinos face the wrath of the volcano and go extinct. But Owen and Claire decide to jump into the island amid the roar of the volcano and save the dinos, who are facing extinction second time. Owen has a personal interest in saving dinos. He wants to save a lead raptor Blue but Claire develops a respect for these animals.

The rescue team arrives on the island only to discover a sinister plan to use a dormant volcano to kill the animals. But it is a bigger threat as it isn’t limited to the island. The rescue of the deadly animals starts.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom First Look & Poster

The poster has Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard staring at a danger probably the roaring volcano as it is a bigger threat than dinos. The poster wears a greenish look to give the feel of a nature park. The traditional logo of Jurassic movies is also there to connect the movie to the Jurassic film series.

Why watch the movie?

Fans of Jurassic movies are eagerly waiting for the release of this movie. It has a different theme … Read more


The Little Mermaid Movie Trailer

The Little Mermaid: A thousand-year old story told in twenty-first century

The Little Mermaid is the age-old story of a mermaid found on a sea-shore and captured but this movie has a twist to the story. Inspired by the fairy tale of the 1837 Hans Christian Andersen book, the movie has a mermaid captured by circus.

A young girl discovers a very beautiful woman who the girl thinks is a mermaid in captivity. Her elder brother, who’s a reporter with a newspaper, disputes her belief and travels to a small town in Mississippi only to be surprised by a mermaid. He sees the mermaid swimming in a circus tank and gets attracted towards her beauty.

Watch The Little Mermaid Movie Trailer


The young girl and her brother want to save the mermaid from the captivity but the mermaid is in the captivity of a black magician. Finally, the reporter is seen fighting with the magician to save the mermaid. Would he be able to save the beautiful mermaid?

Initial release: 17 August 2018 (USA)
Directors: Blake Harris, Chris Bouchard
Production company: Netflix
Music composed by: Jeremy Rubolino
Producers: Armando Gutierrez, Robert Molloy

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