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Unfriended: Dark Web

Unfriended: Dark Web beautifully portrays the darker side of the Internet beautifully

Unfriended: Dark Web presents the Internet as an evil

Unfriended: Dark Web is the dark world of Internet where everything happens at the speed of light and anything can happen secretly. Directed by Stephen Susco, it is a sequel to the 2014 movie Unfriended. While the Unfriended was a supernatural horror movie, the sequel is the horror of a different genre.

Unfriended: Dark Web story

Matias is a petty thief but has a good understanding of computers and software. He’s developed a software application ASL for translation and this app works pretty well. Also, he’s a girlfriend Amaya and this young woman has difficulty in hearing. But she isn’t deaf. She can try to listen and understand and none understands Matias better than her.

Enter the Dark Web

Matias has a new laptop and as expected, he’s stolen it from a person who happens to be an online gangster. And the gangster is more dangerous than Matias could think of. In reality, Matias is unaware of the danger ahead. Unaware about his surroundings, Matias starts the laptop only to be surprised to find some secret files containing movies.


Justin Bieber’s engagement with Hailey Baldwin ends all rumors about their relationship

Singer Justin Bieber announces his engagement with model Hailey Baldwin after three years of an on-off relationship



News of engagement of Justin Bieber 24, and Hailey Baldwin 21 was a pleasant surprise for the families and fans of both the celebrities. They’re in a relationship since 2016 but separated for unknown reasons. But they came together a month back and rekindled their romance by announcing their engagement.

A great fan of Justin Bieber said that the singer needed this engagement

Justin Bieber attained popularity at a tender age of 14 and probably was unaware about his attraction towards the beautiful model Hailey Baldwin who’s only 17 when they first met. They dated for a couple of times before deciding to part their ways to focus on their careers. They’re spotted together a month back and soon the news of their engagement broke in.

How they got engaged?

Just before a month of their engagement, they’re spotted together at various places in New York City. There’re rumors that they’re dating again and that they’re more committed towards their relationship. Then they took their romance to the Bahamas where they got engaged before flying back to Miami in …

Justin bieber and Haily 0

Hailey pairs with her fiancé in a black top with Denim Hotpants

Hailey dresses to a body show-off during a post-engagement outing

The 21-year-old beautiful model Hailey Baldwin walks the ramp with her 24 year old fiancé Justin Bieber, the famous singer. She did a full show of her attractive curves and bumps while walking on a wooden bridge to a boat for a scenic ride just after her whirlwind engagement in the Bahamas.

Justin bieber and Haily

The model flaunts her body

The flat stomach barely visible during fashion shows is the center of attraction in her vacation dress in the Bahamas. The stomach skin fills the void left between the short black top and Denim Hotpants. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that here it becomes part of the attire.

Justin and haily in bahamas

The lean legs seem to be sprouting out of the Denim Hotpants and the model very well knows how to arrange her dress on her body so that she catches eyeballs. It is hot and sunny in the Bahamas and the model uses this time of the day to improve her visual look by tying her white outwear around her waist over the Denim Hotpants.

To complete her casual look, the model has left her cleavage open. She’s holding a dashing red …