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Girls Trip is a gem of hilarious genitalia comedy

Girls Trip supports genitalia humor to the point of enjoyment and also as something one should be proud of. It isn’t the first movie on well-behaved women showing their wilder side but it is the first picture to that reduces the gap between physical desires and entertainment. The movie fulfills its promise of raunch and sleaze right from the beginning to the conclusion.

The director has story in mind

Four school girls meet and go on a weekend trip where they are supposed to explore their true self that is wilder than the audiences can think of. They drink, dance and also make physical relations on their trip. They get more than freedom to do whatever they want to do. The plot was set by sending the students on a weekend trip. The movie shows more than what you see in Bad Teacher (2011) and Bad Moms (2016). It is quite entertaining to see four alcoholic friends merrymaking.

Tiffany Haddish steals the show

Ryan (Regina Hall) is the narrator of the story and also she’s married and a relationship expert. Ryan is a successful woman …


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: A sci-fiction movie with good cinematography but no story to tell

Let’s start seeing the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets from its trailer. The day when the trailer was released, thousands of fans of the creator of The Fifth Element waited with beating hearts for the movie to be released. But the release was disappointing for all the die-hard fans of Lun Besson and his sci-fiction.

What went wrong with the movie?

It’s a good movie but it has no soul. Valerian has imagination but without soul he seems to be looking nowhere. What is more irritating is his dreadful banter with Laureline and this unnecessary indulgence becomes excruciating as the story progresses. Another problem is with story. It takes a long time to start as there are more unnecessary scenes in the beginning. Finally the story starts but lacks the flow. The way the little protagonists rush from one scene to another gives the impression that they are only filling gaps and that there is no purpose behind their moves.

The better side of the movie

Luc Besson has a flare for cinematography and it is seen …


Andy Serkis is going to benefit most from the success of the movie

War for the Planet of the Apes won its first round with thumping victory across the 3,251 North American locations. On the first day, it amassed $5 million that is 22% more than the haul of “Dawn of the Planet Apes” three years ago. While the “Dawn” got only $4.1 million, the “War” is well above the two-tens. In the next leg, the “War” will capture 4,022 sites and is expected to make up to $65 million and with this amount, it will become the most successful movie of the Apes trilogy.

Andy Serkis

Caesar of the movie, Andy Serkis missed the Academy Award two times in the prequels to the “War”. Despite Fox recommending Serkis’ name for the award, the Academy didn’t notice his efforts in the first two installments of the trilogy. But this time, Caesar is a strong contender for Academy Award. The Great Ape is given more screen space than any other species and also he’s made greater than the human species. In fact, he’s more human than any other human.

There was a debate over name of the movie

Name is the first thing to …