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First Man Movie Review


First Man: It’s a tribute to the great astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong


Neil Alden Armstrong was 39 at the time of landing on the moon on 20 July 1969. He was 75 at the time of launch of his first book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong in 2005. Neil A. Armstrong died at 82 on 25 August 2012 and his first movie released on 31 August 2018.But the movie originally started in 2003 a little before the launch of the book.

first man movie review

The making of the First Man 

In early 2003, actor-director Clint Eastwood started the movie in collaboration with Warner Bros. Eastwood has earlier directed and acted in the space-themed movie Space Cowboys in early 2000 but the First Man movie got stuck in development hell and it couldn’t take off despite Neil A. Armstrong taking interest in the movie. It was only after the young director Damien Chazelle took over the project that film came out of the development tangle.

The First Man Neil Alden Armstrong 

The film shows the real Neil A. Armstrong …


Adorable Pix of Aishwarya, Aaradhya


Stunning Aishwarya, Aaradhya Pix from Doha Fashion Weekend

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan walking the ramp for Manish Malhotra in Doha. Also seen in the pics is her mother Brinda Rai. The mother-daughter-and-granddaughter trio looks made-for-each-other.

Aishwarya twins with Aaradhya in a handcrafted sequined gown

A sweet pose for Instagram likes

With lots of love to princess Aaradhya

Thank You Aishwarya by Manish Malhotra

Always keep your hand close to your heart


Aayushmann Khurrana’s Andhadhun Movie Review


Andhadhun: Aayushmann Khurrana Plays Lead Role In Tabu Starrer Movie

Andhadhun has been a declared a movie with a difference and also the best movie of Hindi cinema in 2018. And what substantiate this claim is the strong star-cast that includes the veteran actor Tabu and Zakir Hussain. And the leading star is Ayushmann Khurrana.


Ayushmann Khurrana is a blind pianist who loves playing piano more than anything else. Radhika Apte is his love interest. They were happy in their world when suddenly the story takes a turn. A murder happens before Aayushmann Kuhurrana and he becomes witness to a crime. But his inability to see prevents him from describing the events that led to the murder.

The murdered wants to make sure that Ayushmann Khurrana doesn’t reveal anything to anyone. He chases Ayushmann to confirm that the pianist is unknown about the crime. But what is revealed is astonishing for the audience. The movie becomes unfolding of a murder mystery.

Highlights of the movie:

  • The story is quite intriguing
  • Aayushmann Khurrana reveals his identity slowly
  • It is a perfect mix of music and murder
  • Ayushmann Khurrana playing the most challenging role of his life
  • As usual