Stree Movie Review


Stree:Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor cooking horror with comic ingredients

Stree is the story of a spirit of a religious woman that comes only during annual puja and hunts men she finds alone. Men walking alone at night are her preys. She calls their names and as soon as the men turn in reply, she jumps on them and disappears leaving their clothes behind.

The story of the hunting Stree

Stree is a horror comedy by Amar Kaushik. It starts Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles. The story starts with an annual puja festival in a small village in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Every home in the village has a message for the hunting spirit “O StreeKalAana”. It is believed that the spirit turns away after reading the message.


Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) is a village fashion designer expert in the art of designing dresses, especially for women. A very beautiful girl Shraddha Kapoor drops in his shop for designing her lenhga and she convinces the busy designer to deliver the dress before the last four days of the puja. Coincidentally these are …

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A-X-L Movie Review: The movie takes Artificial Intelligence to a human level


A-X-L: A killing machine becomes a man’s best friend

A-X-L is a science adventure film showing an emotional bond between human and robots. The movie takes the idea of artificial intelligence to a level up where it matches perfectly with human intelligence. Could a robot with AI interact like a human and make friends and develop relationships?


American scientists develop a military robot-dog using the AI technology that makes the dog work like a real animal. Codenamed A-X-L (Attack, Exploration and Logistics), the robot is handed to the military for use. But one day the robot runs into the desert because of wrong treatment. It is an experiment gone wrong.

In the second part, the dog is found by a kindhearted man Miles Hill. He treats the dog like a real animal and takes it to his home. Soon they become close friends. The Artificial Intelligence allows the dog to communicate with its new master. The robot behaves like a real animal – it becomes faithful for Miles Hill and stands by him in every situation.

In the third part, Miles Hill wants to save the A-X-L from …

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Hollywood Searching Movie Review


Searching: Old fashioned story told in high-tech language

Searching: In search of a real life in the digital world

Searchingis a technology based crime-thriller where a father searches his missing daughter tracking her digital footprints. The idea seems bizarre but it is the reality. People live more in the virtual world than the physical and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the virtual life is the real life.


A 16-year-old girl Margot Kim goes missing and soon becomes untraceable in the physical world. Her father David Kim has many hopes from the efficient detectives of his state police that fail to get a breakthrough in the case even after 37 hours. Desperate David Kim decides to take the search to the virtual world.

The police search Margot Kim everywhere except for her laptop but David Kim decides to trace digital footprints of her daughter from her computer that opens the secret world of Margot Kim before her father. But it is only a start as there are many surprises waiting to unfold before David Kim.

The father starts #FindMargot that goes viral and soon there emerges counterhashtag campaign #DadDidIt. But David Kim intensifies his search for …