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Fanne Khan Movie Review


Fanne Khan: Anil Kapoor is the real Fanne Khan of Bollywood

Fanne Khan: The true Hind version of the Belgian movie Everybody’s Famous!

Fanne Khan is a remake of 2000 Belgian satirical comedy film, Everybody’s Famous! And it is a complete makeover. The Belgian movie is made according to Hindi audience. The film revolves around an overweight teenage girl and his loving father who wants to see her becoming a singer.

Everybody’s Famous! 

Marva Vereecken (17) wants to win a singing contest for her father but she never makes the cut. Jean, her father, decides to help Marva after losing his job. He hatches a plan to kidnap Debbie, a leading singer and ask her to train his daughter. But kidnapping makes Debbie even more popular resulting inhuge sales of her music albums. Michael, manager of Debbie, is happy with the sale and wants Debbi to remain out for long time for economic gains. He enters into a secret pact with Jean to keep Debbie away from the scene.

Fanne Khan 

Anil Kappr is the father Fanne Khan in the movie and Pihu Sand is the daughter Lata Sharma. …

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Karwaan Movie Review


Karwaan: It is only Irrfan Khan that can bring the character of Shaukat to life

Karwaan: Dulquer Salmaan drives his blue van to Bollywood

Irrfan Khan starrer Karwaan is a debut movie of Dulquer Salmaan, where he’s playing a lead role with the iconic Irrfan Khan presently recuperating in a London hospital for cancer treatment. Mithila Palkar is also in the movie in the female lead role but the story revolves life and time of Dulquer Salmaan.

A quick look at Karwaan 

The three lead characters set on a journey fromBangalore to Ooty to Kumarakom and finally to Kochi. They are Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan); his friend Shaukat (Irrfan Khan) and Tanya (Mithila Palkar). Avinash receives is traveling with a coffin in a van and Shaukat is driving the van. Tanya is also accompanying Avinash and Shaukat. The trios are on a mission that is to deliver the coffin at the right place.

Highlights if the movie 

  • A comic movie made on a road-trip
  • Face pace of the story
  • The lead characters are supportive to each-other
  • The protagonists have different stories that run parallel
  • The characters fulfill the demand of
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Death of a Nation Movie Review


Death of a Nation: Why Democrats are projected as villains?


Death of a Nation: Is Dinesh D’Souza justified in comparing Donald Trump with Abraham Lincoln?

Death of a Nation is certainly not about America but Dinesh Joseph D’Souza thinks so. A self-proclaimed historian, Dinesh D’Souza is always trying his ideas with history. It isn’t the first time that his political documentary created ripples in the film industry but he has tried presenting a distorted version of history during the time of Obama and Hilary Clinton.

Let’s see what Death of a Nation is about 

We see that President Donald Trump is compared with the President Abraham Lincoln. Followers of President Trump are free to compare him with anyone but it is Dinesh D’Souza, who tries to force his thoughts on others. This time he’s out with a documentary that not only supports President Donald Trump but brandishes the Democrats as Nazis.

Dinesh D’Souza knows that Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln are Republicans and that both are vehemently opposed by Democrats. And it seems that he fears that Trump will also meet the same fate as Abraham Lincoln did. …