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Winchester: Helen Mirren talking about her ghostly experience in the movie

Winchesterbelongs to the genre of supernatural horror movies but Hele Mirren calls it a ghost story. Millen is playing the lead character in the movie. She’s Sarah Winchester, a billionaire widow who constructed a large mansion to placate ghosts.

winchester movie

The real Sarah Winchester

Sarah Lockwood Winchesterwas widow of William Wirt Winchester treasurer of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The couple had a daughter who died after one month. Wirt Winchester died at the age of 43 leaving behind a large estate and billions of dollars for her wife Sarah Winchester. Also Sarah got 50% holding in the arms company. She was one of the wealthiest women of her times but she spent her time in seclusion and money in building what is today called Winchester Mystery House.

Movie Sarah Winchester

The movie talks about the later part of real Sarah. After the sudden demise of her newborn child and middle aged husband, she started feeling cursed and that ghosts of the people killed by the gun made by …


Armed Movie


Armed: Action and not story is the main USP of this movie

Armed is a US action thriller scheduled to be released the last week of February. As evident from the name, the movie is related to army but it is the story of ex-army personnel and his undercover agents. While very little information is available about plot, it can be summed up that story would be related to a secret operation.

Armed trailer

The 2 minute and 22 seconds long trailer sums up the story with dialogues between lead characters and captions in the capital letters. Released on November 28, 2017, the trailer has been watched only by ten thousand viewers and also 10 people have disliked the trailer. It starts with a bang and then pieces the story bit by bit.

It starts with a salon where a group of young people is seen having a great time. Suddenly a young guy with his armed guards walks into the salon and asks about his father to a hairstylist. Also the lad warns the hairdresser of dire consequences. …


The movie shows different aspects of life of a transgender


A Fantastic Woman is the story of a transwoman marrying trying to justify her image and feelings as a woman. Society doesn’t approve change of gender even when a transwoman marries gets a male partner. She’s looked upon with suspicion and asked to prove character time and again. The movie depicts the real life of a transgender woman.

a fantastic women movie

Awards & Recognitions

  • Selected as the Chilean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film
  • Nominated for the Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards


Marina Vidal is a nightclub singer and also a waitress at the club. She’s in a relationship with a club regular Orlando, who’s 30 years older than her. But the age gap isn’t visible in their relationship. They get married and live happily post marriage. Orlando is already married but he spends most of his time with his transwoman wife Marina. Marina Vidal is a transgender but Orlando sees a complete woman in her.

Marina and Orlando make a happy married couple until Orlando dies under mysterious circumstances. Orlando falls ill in the birthday eve of Marina and was taken to nearby hospital where he dies despite …