The Top Ten Indian Highest-Paid Celebrities 2016


Salman Khan – Earning in Crores 270.33
Rank – 2

Shah Rukh Khan – Earning in Crores 221.75
Rank – 3

Virat Kohli – Earning in Crores 134.44
Rank – 1

Akshay Kumar – Earning in Crores 203.03
Rank – 11

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Earning in Crores 122.48
Rank – 4

Deepika Padukone – Earning in Crores 69.75
Rank – 8

Sachin Tendulkar – Earning in Crores 58
Rank – 6

Priyanka Chopra – Earning in Crores 76
Rank – 9

Amitabh Bachchan – Earning in Crores 32.62
Rank – 5

Hrithik Roshan – Earning in Crores 90.25
Rank – 12 …


Andy Serkis is going to benefit most from the success of the movie


War for the Planet of the Apes won its first round with thumping victory across the 3,251 North American locations. On the first day, it amassed $5 million that is 22% more than the haul of “Dawn of the Planet Apes” three years ago. While the “Dawn” got only $4.1 million, the “War” is well above the two-tens. In the next leg, the “War” will capture 4,022 sites and is expected to make up to $65 million and with this amount, it will become the most successful movie of the Apes trilogy.

Andy Serkis

Caesar of the movie, Andy Serkis missed the Academy Award two times in the prequels to the “War”. Despite Fox recommending Serkis’ name for the award, the Academy didn’t notice his efforts in the first two installments of the trilogy. But this time, Caesar is a strong contender for Academy Award. The Great Ape is given more screen space than any other species and also he’s made greater than the human species. In fact, he’s more human than any other human.

There was a debate over name of the movie


Wish Upon: Leonetti could do a better job as cinematographer of the movie


The tallest figure in the movie is of father Jonathan Shannon played by the teenager of yesteryear, Ryan Phillippe. If you recall the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, you’ll recognize the father as the teenager Barry Cox. He is Phillippe of the Wish Upon. Turned 42 with a family a father of teenager in real life, Ryan Phillipe played a crucial role in the movie as it is the father who gifts the demon music box to her daughter.

Phillipe seems happy to get the role of a responsible father and he takes this development as expected. In 90’s he did a string of films in which he played various roles of teenagers and in the 21st century, when he’s 42, he got role of an adult. It is the development stage and Phillipe is satisfied with the development of his career.

Is it a horror movie?

The story seems simple. A father gifts an old Chinese music box to his daughter and forgets about the box. The daughter finds that the music box fulfills wishes. She starts dreaming big without knowing that there is a …