5 Weddings Movie Review

5 Weddings: Indian weddings complete with singing and dancing of hijras

An American publication sends its Indo-American journalist on an assignment to India. The journo is tasked with writing an interesting feature on Indian weddings. 5 Weddings is an American based movie based on an India theme. Nargis Fakhri is playing the journo Shania Dhaliwal and in the supporting cast, there are Rajkummar Rao, Bo Derek and Candy Clark.


Shania Dhaliwal is in India to write a feature on Indian weddings. And she often needs help of apolice officer Harbhajan Singh (Rajkummar Rao) in her job. She has to travel a lot, meet people and attend weddings to get a first-hand account of wedding ceremonies in India. She writes extensively on the lavish spending on wedding dresses, venues, decoration and food and also on the unwanted guests, hijras. The story takes a serious turn when she decides to highlight … Read more