A-X-L Movie Review: The movie takes Artificial Intelligence to a human level

A-X-L: A killing machine becomes a man’s best friend

A-X-L is a science adventure film showing an emotional bond between human and robots. The movie takes the idea of artificial intelligence to a level up where it matches perfectly with human intelligence. Could a robot with AI interact like a human and make friends and develop relationships?


American scientists develop a military robot-dog using the AI technology that makes the dog work like a real animal. Codenamed A-X-L (Attack, Exploration and Logistics), the robot is handed to the military for use. But one day the robot runs into the desert because of wrong treatment. It is an experiment gone wrong.

In the second part, the dog is found by a kindhearted man Miles Hill. He treats the dog like a real animal and takes it to his home. Soon they become close friends. The Artificial Intelligence allows the dog to communicate with its new master. The robot behaves like a real animal – it becomes faithful for Miles Hill and stands by him in every situation.

In the third part, Miles Hill wants to save the A-X-L from its real masters – the scientists that invented the robot. And Miles is determined to save his pet dog. His close friend Sara Reyes also joins him in his efforts to save A-X-L from the military that want to take the robot back.

A-X-L First Look & Poster 

The robust robot with all its features and the AI visible through its glass eyes captures maximum poster space. Miles is also seen standing beside the dog but only his legs and head are visible in the poster. Name of the movie is inscribed in silvery litters top-middle of the poster.

Why watch the movie? 

The best thing about the movie is the emotional bond between a robot and a human. Also, the movie has action and adventure. Kids and families would love this movie.

Movie Trailer


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