Alpha(2018) Movie Review

Alpha: It is how men and canine became friends

Alpha: Tale of a boy-and-his-dog told in a very unconventional way

Alpha is the story of the natural behavior of living organisms including human. Everyone that has life looks for bonding with its close surroundings and this bonding could be of a hunter and prey. It is the story of survival in the Stone Age and the start of development of real human behavior.

Alpha the canine 

Wolves were the first to become friends with a human. The human of Stone Age tamed wolves for hunting and personal security. But it wasn’t an easy job. In the movie, Keda, a young teenage boy, first hurts a wolf and then have pity on him. He nurses the canine and they both become friends forever.

Keda is the son of the leader of a prehistoric hunting tribe. His father Tau wants his son to learn tough lessons of life. One day, Kedagets hurt in a hunting expedition. He falls off a high cliff and couldn’t be rescued by his tribe. Tau leaves Keda hanging from a ledge at the mercy of the god. The tribe takes Keda to be dead but the destiny saves Keda for a humane job.

He escapes from the cliff and learns starts following his tribe. On the way, he meets a pack of wolves. He attacks the wolves and wounds one. But he doesn’t kill that wolf. He rears that wolf and names it Alpha. In the end, they start following the tribe while saving their lives in the jungle.

Alpha First Look & Poster 

The poster has a prehistoric look. Keda and his canine Alpha are seen standing on a cliff. They are staring at the animals gathered in the ground and they seem to be readying for a hunt. The name of the movie spelled in a vertical style from up to down makes the poster more attractive.

Why watch the movie? 

The movie will attract kids more than adults. They will love the humane side of a prehistoric boy and a canine. Another reason to … Read more