Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review

The Extraordinary Struggle Of An Ordinary Man With His Physical And Emotional Conditions

Aamir Khan starrer Laal Singh Chaddha is the Indian adaption of the 1994 American film Forrest Gump but the movie looks promising. It will be released on 11 August 2022 but its trailer has been dropped for the viewers to take a glimpse of the movie.


• Laal Singh Chaddha is solely based on the original Forest Gump
• Aamir Khan donned a new avatar for Laal Singh Chaddha
• An impressive star cast including Kareena Kapoor and Naga Chaitanya is also a highlight of the movie


• Aamir Khan gives the same facial expressions in Laal Singh Chaddha
• Aamir Khan’s Punjabi accent fails to impress the viewers
• Aamir Khan consumes maximum screen space


Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review

Laal Singh Chaddha (Aamir Khan) lives on a farm with his doting mother (Mona Singh) who is everything to him. He has a physical disability that requires him to have leg braces. While society considers Laal a disabled person, his mother gives him the strength to do well in life. One day Laal removes his leg braces and starts running. Soon he joins the Indian army, makes friends in the army, and goes to war. Also, he falls in love, and his heart breaks. But Laal Singh Chaddha leads a happy life despite facing physical, mental, and emotional challenges.


The three-minute trailer gives a glimpse of the life of Laal Singh Chaddha from a physically-challenged child to becoming a soldier. Mona Singh looks impressive as the mother of young Laal Singh. Naga Chaitanya has a limited role as a close friend and co-soldier with Aamir Khan. But Kareena Kapoor remains the most elusive character in the trailer. She is the love interest of Aamir Khan but their chemistry is missing in the trailer.

Early Response For Laal Singh Chaddha

Viewers aren’t impressed with the things Aamir Khan is doing in Laal Singh Chaddha. First of all, they find Aamir Khan giving the same popped-eyed expressions he gave in a bunch of his recent films. And they said … Read more