Bombairiya Movie Review

Radhika Apte Leads The Story in Bombairiya

Finally Bombairiya is set to release after being delayed for various reasons from technical to financial for a long time. Also, a special screening has been arranged for the officers of Indian judiciary to clear the air of doubt surrounding the story that revolves around a PRO and her mobile phone with a suspicious video.


Meghna (Radhika Apte) is a PRO professional to a leading movie star. She’s always busy with her work and she does most of her work on her phone. She can’t imagine life without her phone but she misses the phone on Christmas eve. Surprised, Meghna looks for her that has a suspicious video of a powerful politician facing trial in a case related to that video. The politician even sends a hitman to kill the witness to the case. It is a short story told in a very interesting manner where a phone is made the central theme.

Highlights of the movie:

  • It is a comedy of errors told in a different way
  • The story has a connection to the judicial system
  • Radhika Apte cut her hair for the character of Meghna
  • The story is inspired by the experience of Michael E.Ward

Bombairiya First Look & Poster 

bombairiya movie review

The poster is provided a comic look by showing all the characters at one place. On the top, there is Radhika Apte wearing a Mexican hat and below her is a politician. The background of the poster is kept clear.

Why watch the movie? 

There are two reasons for watching the movie – comedy thriller and a family movie.

Movie Trailer


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