Down a Dark Hall (2018) Movie Review

Down a Dark Hall: A boarding school hides a mystery in its mansion

What is the mystery Down a Dark Hall in a boarding school of 19th century?

A boarding school turns to be a haunted place; the students discover the mystery behind its architecture. They explore its long forgotten corridors and meet the people of bygone era. But the most surprising is their headmistress playing a witch. It is the summary of the supernatural horror movie Down a Dark Hall.

The horror story

It all starts with a delinquent daughter Kit Gordy is enrolled in the mysterious Blackwood Boarding School for education. Her mother is fed-up of her heated temper and wants her to learn disciplines of the civic society. The school run by Madame Durethas only five students including Kit.

The students, Kit Gordy, Veronica, Sierra, Ashley and Izzy find strange things happening in night especially in the secluded and shadowy hall of the building. One night Kit started playing piano like an expert. It is really strange when Kit has little knowledge of music.

Excited by the strange events, the friends decide to discover the reasons behind those events and the revelations are startling. The past of the school still visits the present. They witness a string of paranormal activities in the mansion.

Highlights of the movie 

  • Uma Thurman (Madame Duret) gives a real villainous look by wearing a sort of indeterminate accent
  • She wears chic outfits that support her cast of a witch
  • The unerlit environs of the school mansion give a spooky look
  • The movie is stronger on atmosphere than on the drama

Down a Dark Hall First Look & Poster 

down a dark hall movie review

The attempt to make the poster look mysterious is successful. All the five student characters of the movie are seen exploring the underlit corridor that hides the secret behind the strange things happening in that mansion. The poster wears a dark look to compliment the name of the movie.

Why watch the movie? 

It is horror movie but of different taste. Here the paranormal activities are served like suspense. But this movie isn’t … Read more