After Cambridge Analytica, Crimson Hexagon Flayed Facebook policies

The ghost of 2014 data scandal haunts Facebook again

Facebook has suspended Boston-based data analytics company Crimson Hexagonalleging that the firm harvested users’ data, a report by The Wall Street Journal.

What is the report?

Facebook fears that the analytics firm is violating its policies regarding the use of data. The firm has contracts with the US government, a Russian non-profit organization tied to the Kremlin and the Turkish government and that it is sharing FB users’ data to benefit its contracts. The firm has contracts to analyze public data for third-party clients. The data is the property of Facebook.

What is this firm? 

Started in 2007, Crimson Hexagon has the renowned Harvard Professor Gary King as its co-founder. Gary King is presently leading the Social Science One program of Facebook. It is an independent research initiative of preventing election interference by the social media giant.

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