Fanne Khan Movie Review

Fanne Khan: Anil Kapoor is the real Fanne Khan of Bollywood

Fanne Khan: The true Hind version of the Belgian movie Everybody’s Famous!

Fanne Khan is a remake of 2000 Belgian satirical comedy film, Everybody’s Famous! And it is a complete makeover. The Belgian movie is made according to Hindi audience. The film revolves around an overweight teenage girl and his loving father who wants to see her becoming a singer.

Everybody’s Famous! 

Marva Vereecken (17) wants to win a singing contest for her father but she never makes the cut. Jean, her father, decides to help Marva after losing his job. He hatches a plan to kidnap Debbie, a leading singer and ask her to train his daughter. But kidnapping makes Debbie even more popular resulting inhuge sales of her music albums. Michael, manager of Debbie, is happy with the sale and wants Debbi to remain out for long time for economic gains. He enters into a secret pact with Jean to keep Debbie away from the scene.

Fanne Khan 

Anil Kappr is the father Fanne Khan in the movie and Pihu Sand is the daughter Lata Sharma. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the beautiful lady singer Baby Singh and Rajkummar Rao is Adhir, who helps Fanne Khan in kidnapping the singer.

The story goes parallel to the Belgian movie. Fanne Khan is a vocalist in an orchestra but he is always dreaming of becoming a singer. Fanne Khan tries to fulfill his dream through is daughter Lata Sharma but she isn’t a good singer and she’s always laughed at and shooed away by the audience due to here obesity.

The life seems to be normal for Fanne Khan until he loses his job. This incident works like a trigger for the father and he decides to kidnap the famous singer Baby Singh. Adhir comes to help Fanne Khan in kidnapping. Fanne Khan demands that his daughter performs in a music show or he’ll kill Baby Singh.

Fanne Khan First Look & Poster 

The overweight Pihu Sand is seen performing in the middle of the poster but it is Anil … Read more