Fighting with My Family Movie Review

Fighting with My Family: The Movie Glorifies WWE And The Life Of Wrestlers

Fighting with My Family is the story of a wrestling family whose kids want to be a part of WWE. They want to be shining stars. The family has a son and a daughter and both are budding wrestlers. The brother-sister duo is fit for joining WWE but it is only sister that fulfills her dream and that of her family.


Florence Pugh narrates the journey of Saraya “Paige” Bevis in the movie. Her brother is Zak “Zodiac” Bevis played by Jack Lowden. The both belong to a professional wrestling family and like others they also want to join the WWE. They are laborious and optimistic about their wrestling future. They both compete for WWE but only the sister gest entry. In WWE, she sees the real face of the wrestling body and the life of wrestlers. At the same time, she also faces conflict at home.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The stunt scene in the movie are done by professional wrestlers
  • The movie is inspired by the life of WWE superstar Paige
  • The fight scenes have a touch of reality
  • The movie gives a glimpse of the life at WWE

Fighting with My Family First Look & Poster 

fighting with my family

The poster has Florence Pugh with Dwayne Johnson and others in the background. They look like a family and the printing on top, middle and bottom projects them as a family.

Why watch the movie? 

Wrestling and WWE fans would certainly appreciate the movie because it is based on a wrestling family. Another reason for watching the movie is its connection to the life of a female WWE superstar Saraya Bevis.

Movie Trailer


  • Dwayne Johnson is both the executive producer and actor in the movie
  • During filming of fight scenes, fans kept shouting C.M. Punk
  • The movie was shot in home city of Paige
  • Some characters are inserted to make the movie like a sports entertainer
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