Five Feet Apart Movie Review

Five Feet Apart: Stella Grant Meets Will Newman Against Medical Advice

Five Feet Apart is a medical love story of a couple suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. The name says that CF patients have to maintain a safe 5-ft distance from each other. But in reality it is six-feet. Also, it is said that the movie is a reel version of a real life CF couple.


Stella Grant is a beautiful teenage girl but there are no roses in her life. She’s 17 but suffering from CF that ties her life in a strict medical schedule of do’s and don’ts. Good at practicing self-control, she loses her inner strength after meeting Will Newman, a teenage boy with CF. While the medical science says that they must maintain a safe distance, the natural science says that they should break all the rules to live a life full of love. What happens is a very emotional drama and it really has resemblance to a real life story?

Highlights of the movie 

  • Real life story turned into a screenplay
  • An emotional portrayal of CF patients
  • An attempt to understand the feelings of CF patients
  • Slow pace of the story
  • Good star selection

Five Feet Apart First Look & Poster 

Five Feet Apart Movie Review

The poster has Stella Grand and Will Newman standing at a safe distance and the movie name is written in the space for distance. Will is carrying a backpack, handbag and notebook but Stella is seen empty handed. They want to meet against the medical advice.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a very emotional love story of two persons suffering from CF. But they meet against the medical advice to live life.

Watch the emotional movie trailer here.


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