FryDay Movie Review

FryDay: The Movie Is All About Govinda And His 90s Comic Style

FryDay is a romantic comedy starring Govinda, the comic hero of 90s and Varun Sharma, the fresh comic face of Fukrey and Fukrey Returns. The film shows the plight of door-to-door salesmen struggling to meet their sale targets. And what they can do to make a sale.

fryday movie review


Rajiv (Varun Sharma) is a young and energetic 27-year salesman of a water purifier company but his dwindling sale graph gets him into trouble. He is asked to make a sale by Friday. He goes to his guru Manchanda for help and gets a lead. Determined to make the sale, he heads towards the home of the potential buyer Gagan Kapoor (Govinda). Gagan is a 40-year old husband having multiple affairs with different women. He is romancing with a Bindu at his home when Rajiv rings the doorbell to sell the water purifier. Gagan lets Rajiv in and then starts a tug-of-war between the salesman and the potential customer. While Gagan wants Rajiv to leave but latter is adamant on staying and selling a machine.

Highlights of the movie 

  • Govinda displays his comic side again
  • The urgency of making sales create comic scene
  • Varun Sharma and Govinda have great chemistry
  • Brijendra Kala and Sanjay Mishra bring more laughter to the story

Why watch the movie? 

It’s a comeback movie of Govinda and he’s doing a comic role of an adult flirty husband in the movie. The story of the movie is centered on life and responsibilities of a salesman.


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