The Happytime Murders Movie Review

The Happytime Murders: A half-hearted attempt to make a puppet centric movie

The Happytime Murders: The movie has distanced itself from audiences due to unfunny jokes

The Happytime Murders is the story of puppets living in human settlements and these puppets are in no way inferior to their human counterparts. The puppets are seen enjoying life to the full. They have emotions, actions and everything that human can do but they are considered second-grade citizens and disrespected by human friends and neighbors.


Puppets have a very popular television series The Happytime Gang in the 1980s. This TV series made the participating puppets popular in the media. People love those puppets but suddenly the heroes of The Happytime Gang started dying and it came out that someone is killing the heroes one-by-one. Unable to solve the case, the police take help of an ex-cop turned detective Phil Philips. Phil is himself a puppet and the first puppet to join the force.

Phil joins hands with his ex-partner detective Connie Edwards to find a breakthrough in the case and finds that all the proofs are indicating towards Phil. Surprised Phil runs for a safe exit from the case and to buy time to find the real culprit who is making Phil a scapegoat. Is Phil Philips the murderer?


The movie is criticized for obscene language and soft porn that sometimes becomes unacceptable. The movie has many ideas but it fails to develop a single idea. Also, no efforts are made to show equality between puppets and human.

The Happytime Murders First Look & Poster 

The poster has both the detectives wondering who could be the murderer. The background is full of puppet world but what drags attention to the poster are three words – sex, murder and puppets. These three words make the theme of the movie.

Why watch the movie? 

This movie is for adults only as kids won’t be able to understand the obscene conversation. And the biggest reason to watch the movie is its theme that is a mix of puppets, sex and murder.

Movie Trailer


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