Serenity Movie Review

Serenity: Unfolding Mystery Of A Murder Plan

Serenityis an American thriller involving a wife; his ex-husband and the present hubby. A murder plan is hatched and taken to its logical conclusion but suddenly the truth reveals its real image leaving everyone astonished. Would the murder be executed or the plan would be turned upside down?


Baker Dill is a fishing boat captain who spends most of his time on the tranquil waters of deep blue-ocean. He loves the nature untouched by the greedy eyes of mankind but little does he know that a danger is lurking towards him. Karen, his ex-wife, approaches him for help. She wants him to kill Frank, her present husband. She tells that Frank is a cruel person that could kill her and Baker’s son. She wants Baker to take them on a sea ride and throw Frank in the ocean.

Highlights of the movie 

  • Anne Hathaway leaves her mark as a woman of dubious character
  • Matthew McConaughey looks cool in the role of Baker Dill
  • The oceanic background soothes the bitter relations
  • The story adopts a balanced approach towards every character

Serenity First Look & Poster

Serenity Movie 

The poster has Baker Dill and Karen torn apart like a piece of paper. The torn piece is visible in red. The movie name appears in bottom and other details are in the red part.

Why watch the movie? 

This neo-noir crime thriller has the power to hold attention. It has all the features of a successful murder mystery.

Movie Trailer


  • The movie was shot in Mauritius
  • Anne Hathaway and Matthew
  • McConaughey working together for the second time
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