The Upside(2019) Movie Review

The Upside: There Is Always Light On The Upside

The Upside is more a social movie than a story or anything else. It has a social message that is a life is worth living. And the director Neil Burger took a different route to spread this message. Two people from different backgrounds come together and form a never before bond to live their lives the full.


Philip Lacasse is a wealthy person with plenty of dollars to spend on his enjoyment but he can’t because of his physical disability. He is a quadriplegic and needs a caretaker to look after his daily needs. At the same time, a parolee Dell Scott is also looking for a quick job to settle and rejoin to his ex-family that includes his wife and son. They come together for different reasons but soon they become good friends and forget their woes. Philip gives Dell a reason to smile and Dell teaches Philip how to live up to one’s dreams.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The story is about winning physical disability
  • It shows union of two minds
  • The movie is based on the real life of a millionaire

The Upside First Look & Poster 

the upside movie review

The poster has wheelchair borne Philip Lacasse being pushed to life by Dell Scott. They both are laughing at the world because a life is worth living. The New York City is visible in the background.

Why watch the movie? 

The biggest reason to watch the movie is the social message it has. It is an inspiring movie for everyone.

Movie Trailer


It is a remake of a French movie and also related to a real life

Malia Obama worked as an intern for the film… Read more