Hunter Killer Movie Review

Hunter Killer: Gerard Butler And Gary Oldman In Cold War Era Submarine Adventure

Hunter Killer is based on the 2012 novel Firing Point by Don Keith and George Wallace.The story of the movie is clichéd but the presentation makes it interesting. It is the cold-war story told in a new way where Russians are divided into two groups – anti-US and pro-US.

Hunter Killer Movie Story 

The US Navy loses a submarine in the frozen Arctic Ocean. Another sub under the command of Commander Joe Glass is sent to investigate what happened to that sub. On the mission, Joe finds that lost American sub and also discovers a sunken Russian submarine. Further investigation reveals that the Russian sub was damaged due to internal sabotage.

It is the story of a Russian coup where the Russian defense minister Dmitri Durov upstages the Russian President Zakarin. He holds America responsible for the Russian coup and prepares for a war with the US. Joe Glass senses the danger and acts fast to rescue the Russian President and avert the WW III.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The movie takes the audiences to the cold war era
  • It is a lengthy and hard movie full of seamen
  • The stuff is surprisingly solid and occasionally suspenseful
  • A war drams set below the frozen waters of Arctic

Hunter Killer First Look & Poster 

hunter killer movie

The poster has Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman staring at the unfolding of the war drama. Picture of a submarine cuts their foreheads but their red faces are clearly visible in the dark poster of Hunter Killer.

Why watch the movie? 

It’s a political movie involving two superpowers – America and Russia. Action movie lovers will find the story interesting.

Movie Trailer


  • Gerard Butler took training on USS Houston for the movie
  • He slept in the XO’s quarters during his voyage in USS Houston
  • The movie was scheduled to be shot close to a Russian naval base in Alaska
  • McG and Tony Scott were considered for direction
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