Why Is Ghee Banned In The US, Chyawanprash In Canada And Samosa In Somalia?

Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) took little time in banning Maggi after finding lead in excess of permissible limits in its products. And it also rejected the samples of more than 400 products from brands including Tata Starbucks, Kellog’s and Amway for one reason or other. But it finds no problem with products like ghee that is banned in the US.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses different measures to determine food safety and for this reason it has banned the ghee that is a staple food in India.

Here we’ll discuss the food items passed by FSSAI but banned by US FDA and we’ll start with GRB ghee.

GRB Dairy Foods


GRB started as a SME in the year 1984 and soon became a leading brand in dairy products especially ghee. FSSAI has approved its products for safety in India and abroad but US FDA has a different take over his company. GRB ghee is banned in the US because the product doesn’t contain names and quantity of its ingredients. But a dairy product passed by US FDA is blacklisted in China. It is Heinz baby milk.


Who says that Chyawanprash is harmful for health? It is widely consumed in India and abroad as an Ayurvedic medicine. Wikipedia has a page on Chyawanprash where it has listed all its ingredients but the Canadian government has banned its sale since 2005. The government claims that Chywanprash contains a high amount of lead and mercury.



The US FDA was vocal in criticizing the product quality of Haldiram that is a popular sweets and snacks manufacturer in India. Its products were called poisonous and adulterated and discarded as filthy, putrid and decomposed. In the US, Haldiram products are unfit to eat. Why is it so? A top official of Haldiram minced no words in saying that India and the US have different food safety standards.

Unknown Gujarat Snack

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