Ishqeria Movie Review

Ishqeria: Richa Chadda sees two films back-to-back in September

Ishqeria is a romantic drama of college love that blossoms in teenage but loses all its charm as the lovers mature. The movie shows how love matures and changes color. The story starts with college love that matures with marriage and culminates in divorce. But there is more to the story than meets the eyes.

Richa Chadda is playing a chirpy college girl Kuku in the movie and Neil Nitin Mukesh as Raghav is her love interest.


Crazy about Raghav, the most sought-after bachelor of her college, Kuku is always craving for his attention. It can’t be love but it looks like a situation where a girl wants to win over a boy simply because he is indifferent towards her. But here the love blossoms and the two meet to make an eternal bond. But their personalities remain just opposite to each other.

While Kuku is quite vocal, Raghav remains calm and maintains his cool in every situation. Their relationship culminates in marriage but the marriage isn’t consumed. Raghav loves Kuku but he wants her to behave responsibly. Their sweet-sour relationship continues for some time until it becomes a burden on them. Finally, they decide to part their ways.

Richa Chadda is excited about Ishqeria as it is her second movie after Love Sonia but Neil Nitin Mukesh was last seen in the 2017 movie Golmaal Again.

Ishqeria First Look & Poster 

ishqeria movie review

The poster depicts a college scene where Neil Nitin Mukesh is seen studying beside a pillar and four girls are seen giving love messages to Neil from behind the pillar. The college building is visible in the background. The poster is given a white theme but the movie name is written in rainbow colors.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a college love story with a different theme where there is no villain or strict society to put restrictions on the lovers. Here the time is the villain.

Movie Trailer


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