Jack and Dil

Jack and Dil: Arbaaz Khan, Amit Sadh And Sonal Chauhan Together Create Comic Scenes In The Movie

Jack and Dil is a romantic comedy that looks like copy of many Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The story revolves around a young and energetic businessman who does everything for business but nothing for family. And when he finds losing his family life, he hires a detective to spy on his wife.


Waliaji (Arbaaz Khan) is a businessman but it would be more appropriate to call him a human-machine. He owns a palatial home in Goa but he spends most of his time in office, travelling and client meetings. Happy with his professional life but unhappy with his personal life would be the best description of Waliaji.

His desire for accumulating more wealth keeps him away from his wife Shilpa Walia (Sonal Chauhan) who spends her days alone in her bungalow. Worried about his family life, Waliaji starts doubting on character of his wife. He hires a young and handsome detective Jack (Amit Sadh) to find whether Shilpa is having an affair. But the situation takes a U turn when Jack falls in love with wife of his client.

Highlights of the movie:

  • The story is a light comedy
  • It moves at a slow pace
  • Simplicity of the story makes it easy to understand
  • Good dialogue delivery
  • Strong star cast

Jack and Dil First Look & Poster 

The poster is made comic to reflect the theme of the picture. It features a detective cap with two halos – yellow and blue. In the bottom, there is a bulldog standing under the movie name.

Why watch the movie? 

The movie will attract the viewers that love comedy. Arbaaz Khan fans will also like the movie.

Movie Trailer


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