Justin Bieber’s engagement with Hailey Baldwin ends all rumors about their relationship

Singer Justin Bieber announces his engagement with model Hailey Baldwin after three years of an on-off relationship



News of engagement of Justin Bieber 24, and Hailey Baldwin 21 was a pleasant surprise for the families and fans of both the celebrities. They’re in a relationship since 2016 but separated for unknown reasons. But they came together a month back and rekindled their romance by announcing their engagement.

A great fan of Justin Bieber said that the singer needed this engagement

Justin Bieber attained popularity at a tender age of 14 and probably was unaware about his attraction towards the beautiful model Hailey Baldwin who’s only 17 when they first met. They dated for a couple of times before deciding to part their ways to focus on their careers. They’re spotted together a month back and soon the news of their engagement broke in.

How they got engaged?

Just before a month of their engagement, they’re spotted together at various places in New York City. There’re rumors that they’re dating again and that they’re more committed towards their relationship. Then they took their romance to the Bahamas …