Lashtam Pashtam brings the message of brotherhood for both the India and Pakistan

Celebrate brotherhood on the eve of Independence Day with Lashtam Pashtam

Lashtam Pashtamis the last movie of the late veteran actor Om Puri who breathed his last on January 7, 2017. But at the same time, it is the debut movie of director Manav Bhalla. The movie is an attempt to thaw the strained Indo-Pak relations but in a very human way. Instead of including the communities of both the countries, the story uses two friends.

The beautiful story of Lashtam Pashtam 

The beauty of the story is its simplicity. Two childhood buddies celebrate their friendship in every possible way without considering their nationalities. They are friends but for their families, they are Indian and Pakistani. And as expected, their communities try separating them. They are asked to maintain a distance because they are political enemies.

Two children – Indian and Pakistani – are born in UAE; they are brought up together and they form a close on growing up. When their families come to know about their friendship, they are warned that their friendship won’t materialize. But they are friends forever and they want to remain friends despite knowing that their countries are always at war.

What was the last role of Om Puri? 

Om Puri played the role of a taxi driver in Lashtam Pashtam but his is a crucial role. It is Om Puri that reunites the friends. Also, the most impressive dialogues are assigned to this veteran actor.

“ek Hindustani ka Pakistan mein aur ek Pakistani ka Hindustan mein milne ka matlab hai terrorist” 

Om Puri describes the Indo-Pak relationship with his dialogue. He alerts the friends about the situation in India and Pakistan but at the same time, he tries to reunite the friends with all his means. Star performance and stunning dialogue delivery, the prime characteristics of his acting, are also the highlights of the movie.

Lashtam Pashtam First Look & Poster 

It is a political poster where Indo-Pak countries are seen shaking hands but the hands are tied with a barbed wire. The poster shows the LOC with Pakistan and India clearly written … Read more