Life’s Good Movie Review: The message is loud and clear from the movie name

Life’s Good: It’s really surprising to see how a movie is made without drama, action and romance

Life’s Goodis a good family movie for every family-person. It is about an adult person who loves his mother so much that he doesn’t marry to keep his small family intact. One day his mother dies a natural death but he takes it as an accident and thinks that life has come to a full-circle for him.

lifes good movie review

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Rameshwar is a middle-aged accountant. He lives with his aging and ailing mother in a small home in a secluded neighborhood where he can keep his small family safe from the envious eyes of neighbors, friends, relatives and everyone who’s out of his family. Shy of making relationships fearing the new relations would dilute his family bonding, Rameshwar chooses to live alone with his mother.

He turns a blind eye to the biggest fact of life that is death and when he faces this fact, he loses all his courage and interest in life. His mother dies but it is natural for a human to die. Unable to take control of his thoughts and emotions, Rameshwar starts getting negative thoughts about life.

In the second part of the story, Remeshwar takes the biggest lesson of his life from a 6-year old girl Mishti. She enters his life like an angel and becomes part of his life. Remeshwar again makes a family with the little girl and starts enjoying his life. The lesson he gets is life doesn’t end and it is always good.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The simplicity of the story is the biggest attraction
  • The film moves only on the story
  • No clutter like unnecessary item songs and dialogues
  • One of the few movies without a romantic story
  • A 6-year old girl is a female protagonist

Life’s Good First Look & Poster 

It is a very touchy poster with all the colors of life. A fatherly figure is talking to his daughter-like child from outside of her school bus. The little angel has brought her head out to respond … Read more