Love Sonia Movie Review

Love Sonia: See the ugly face of Mumbai flesh trade from the eyes of Riya Sisodiya

Love Sonia is the story of two sisters that are more like brothers – resolute and caring. It is about a missing sister and the love of a sibling towards other. Sonia (Mrunal Thakur) and Preeti (Riya Sisodiya) are real sisters and daughters of a debt-ridden farmer father. Unaware of the plans of their father, the sisters are living a happy life until they see the ugly face of the world.

Love Sonia Story 

Shiva (Adil Hussain) father of Preeti and Sonia decides to sell Sonia to local moneylender Baldev Singh (Anupam Kher) and he knows Sonia would have to accept the decision. But Preeti decides to bring her sister back and leaves home to search for Sonia. Abducted and sold to a brothel, Preeti starts her journey to Mumbai as a prostitute but she remains undeterred throughout her journey.

Stars of Love Sonia 

A theme like Love Sonia needs seasoned actors that can bring the characters of flesh trade to life. Anupam Kher is the local moneylender that sells innocence village girls to brothels; Rajkummar Rao as NGO worker Manish; Rich Chadda as brothel owner Madhuri; Frieda Pinto as sex worker Rashmi and Manoj Bajpayee as Faizal. And finally there is Adil Hussain at the base of the story. Together all these actors make Love Sonia a great movie.

Love Sonia First Look & Poster 

The poster has Riya Sisodiya staring into the dark with her face half lit and the half in dark. The darkness shows the dark phase of her life and the light gives hope. Name of the movie and other details are given in bottom to allow the viewers to read her face.

Why watch the movie? 

Love Sonia gives an insight into the flesh trade market of Mumbai. It shows how the market operates; who its stakeholders are and what could be done to save the innocence girls from becoming a victim of flesh trade.

Movie Trailer


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