Mission: Impossible – Fallout Movie Review: Speed becomes a drawback of the movie 

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout can do 10 crore business in India”, a newspaper report

Mission: Impossible – Fallout sends the Impossible Missions Force into the deadliest mission that is tracking and recovering nuclear weapons before the bombs land in wrong hands and are used for the destruction of the civilized world.

Snippet of the movie 

Ethan Hunt, the captain of the IMF team, has no time even to fear from the consequences of nuclear explosive material slipping into the wrong hands. Since it is a bigger task and it has to be finished ASAP, CIA gets involved in the job and sends August Walker to bolster the team of IMF. August Walker is an assassin and CIA uses his agent to question Ethan Hunt.

This time the mission looks more impossible than before 

Apostles, a terrorist group, plans a nuclear attack on Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Three deadly weapons are brought for simultaneous attack and the execution starts. Everything seems to be going according to planning but Ethan Hunt gets information about this secret mission from his sources. The team IMF starts preparing to prevent the attacks but the second news about the attack changes everything.

Deadly nuclear bombs go missing and all the terror organizations are after the bombs. CIA involves Ethan Hunt in the mission and appoints its agent to keep a watch over the IMF leader.

Highlights of the movie

 Fast pace

  • Quick understanding
  • Incredible action scenes
  • An action plan never heard before
  • Reflects the present state of the world

Mission: Impossible – Fallout First Look & Poster 

Tom Cruise covers the entire poster and all the action and commotion is displayed in his shadow. Also, the poster carries the name the actor on the top left. It shows that Tom Cruise is alone sufficient to handle the mission and that everyone including the CIA agent is second to him.

mission impossible fallout movie review

Why watch the movie? 

Its Tom Cruise again and this time, he’s working with CIA that is obstructing his path instead of helping him. Also, the mission is to locate the deadly nuclear arms. Action … Read more