Who Will Host The 91st Academy Awards 2019?

Following the tradition, The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences announced the nomination for the Oscar award 2019 but the Academy Awards are in news for a different reason.

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences is going to deliver the 91st annual Academy Awards on 24, February 2018 without a host. Yes, the news is that the award ceremony will go without any host.

oscars 2019

The reason

Kevin Hart, the popular comedian and Oscar host, dropped out of the award ceremony after a series of homophobic tweets targeting the host appeared on the social media. Why was Kevin Hart targeted and trolled on social media isn’t clear but the comedian has taken the decision not to host the 91st annual Academy Awards.

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences also faced embarrassment due to the “Popular Film” category that it introduced in the 2019 list of winners. The move was seen as a way to sideline Black Panther that tops of the list of Best Picture. The academy immediately removed the new category to escape criticism and to maintain its credibility.

Black Panther

Produced by Marvel Studio, the movie is based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name. It is the 18th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and first comic book themed movie to be nominated in the Best Picture category of the Oscars.

The 91st Academy Awards would go without host on Sunday on 24 February 2019. The academy and the audiences would miss Kevin Hart for the first time in the history of Oscars.… Read more