Pataakha Movie Review

Pataakha: Vishal Bhardwaj Turns To Charan Singh Pathik For Story

Pataakha is an adult-comedy by Vishal Bhardwaj. Inspired by Do Behnein, a short story by Charan Singh Pathik,the movie is a tale of two sisters that are always fighting with each-ther since their childhood. Their family, friends, school and the entire village is witness to their fighting as they don’t miss any opportunity of insulting and ridiculing each-other at home and in the village.


Two sistersChampa ‘Badki’ Kumari (Radhika Madan)and Genda ‘Chhutki’ Kumari(Sanya Malhotra) live in a village. But they are unlike other sisters. They are always at war on petty issues and sometimes without any issue. Their infighting irritates their father Bechara Bapu (Vijay Raaz) but he is helpless before his daughters.


The sisters are seen growing up from childhood to adulthood but there is no change in their behavior. The trailer starts with the sisters fighting for nothing and continues with the sisters fighting for everything they can lay their hands on. More characters join as the story progresses and together all these characters create hilarious comedy with adult dialogues.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The movie shows all the important stages of the life of the sisters
  • The sisters do all the things like smoking bidis
  • The village abuses don’t sound vulgar
  • Vijay Raaz looks a real helpless father of two naughty girls
  • It’s a women-centric movie

Pataakha First Look & Poster 

patakha movie review

The colorful poster shows all the colors of the movie. The sisters are seen at war and also there are other actors including Vijay Raaz in the poster. The movie of the name is written in such a fashion that it looks exploding. And the name figures in the middle of the poster.

Why watch the movie? 

Story is the biggest reason for watching the movie. It is a mix of luck and circumstances that keep the sisters at loggerheads. Stars like Vijay Raaz would also be able to bring the audience to the theaters.

Movie Trailer


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