Puzzle Movie Review: Puzzle reflects the desperation of average homemakers

Puzzle: It’s a rare drama with so many jigsaw puzzles to solve

Puzzle stars Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in lead roles. A remake of a 2010 Argentine movie of the same name, Puzzle revolves around the life of a suburban mother of two teenage children living a hellish life with her small-minded husband and disobedient sons. But her life comes to a full circle when she discovers her passion for jigsaw puzzles and a life in piecing together jigsaw pieces.


Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) lives with her husband Louie (David Denman) and two sons, Ziggy (Bubba Weiler) and Gabe (Austin Abrams) in a suburban area. Like an average homemaker, she’s always taken for granted but Agnes knows that she’s above average. She finds interest in piecing jigsaw puzzles together and goes on making a striking career in her new found interest.

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