Rasbhari: Swara Bhasker Is The Only Big Thing In This Web-Series

Rasbhari is a web-series based on the life and society in a small town in the Hindi-belt of western Uttar Pradesh. And it revolves around women sexuality in rural India. The theme of the series is edifying but the background is made erotic. 




Shanu (Swara Bhasker) is an English teacher posted in Meerut that is a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Shanu is a sizzling hot woman but at the same time she’s a teacher with a high reputation in society. Also, she had a small family. But all the students and male members of the society got attracted towards her physical beauty and mental talent. 


Nand Kishore (Ayushmaan Saxena) , one of the students of Shanu, also feels infatuation towards her. But he doesn’t stop from conveying her feelings for the teacher. He has big dreams despite knowing that Shanu is married and leading a happy married life. Nand Kishore, who had a different attitude towards girls before seeing Shanu, suddenly changes his track after meeting the teacher.


In web-series, Nand Kishore is seen have brotherly feelings towards girls of his age. He even doesn’t respond to the feelings of girls who are attracted towards him. But he is changed man after seeing Shanu and starts dreaming of winning his English teacher.



Social aspect of Rasbhari


As told earlier, the story belongs to a small town in the Hindi-belt of Meerut, the women of the rural society start feeling a grudge for Shanu out of jealousy. Shanu is physically fit enough to attract any man and intelligent enough to impress male hearts. Men of that society start liking Shanu and this irritates their women. And their jealousy is evident from the lose talks they do about Shanu. 


Whatever lose talks other women do about Shanu has a direct impact on the male members especially Nand Kishore who started taking interest in the unpalatable talks about Shanu. With Rasbhari, the writer wants to reflect the orthodox thinking about female sexuality. It has an intent but seems to fail in the execution. Read more