ROBOT 2.0 Movie Review

Robot 2: Chitti reassembled to stop Dr. Richard who has become a deadly monster

Robot 2 is 2.0 science fiction movie by S. Shankar. It stars Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Music is by A R Rahman and the movie is made in Tamil and Hindi. These details are sufficient to understand the magnitude of the movie in Tollywood and Bollywood. It has two biggest stars and a huge budget of Rs. 450 crores.

The big budget movie

Rs. 450 crores is a huge-huge spending bigger than any movie made in India. And what producers did with this budget is they made the first Indian movie in 3D. But they can do more with this size of funding. Did they need a big budget to make the movie or they simply wanted to outperform other blockbusters? Whatever is the cause of the size of the budget, it certainly has a positive impact on the movie as the production house is using the figure for marketing.

Akshay Kumar in a negative character

The audience would see the Pad Man playing a negative character. Robot 2 is a sequel to the 2010 movie Enthiran where Rajinikanth played double as scientist Vaseegaran and a sophisticated android robot Chitti. Rajini was in lead characters but in the sequel, Akshay Kumar donned the uniform of the villain. He’s Dr. Richard turned into a Crow-Man when a science experiment goes wrong. Dr. Richard isn’t a bad character but the experiment changes his body and mind completely.


It isn’t Akshay vs Rajini

This question is certain to be raised because two big stars are working in a movie. But there is no parallel to the characters of Dr. Vaseegaran and Dr. Richard. But the question about Akshay accepting a negative character is baffling. The critics are saying that the audience won’t accept Akshay in a negative role. But according to Akshay Kumar, he was looking for an opportunity to work with Rajinikanth and doing a movie in South. And he wasted no time in accepting the 2.0 offer when he’s approached for the role of … Read more