Satyameva Jayate: John Abraham becomes a killing machine for the movie

Satyameva Jayate: John Abraham unleashes his anger on corrupt Mumbai cops

Milap Milan Zaveri could have produced a better movie, had he researched the 80’s movies. Satyameva Jayate is an action drama or, rather, a one-man show and that man is the muscular John Abraham. He’s Virendra Rathod aka Veer.

The story Milap Milan Zaveri produced 

It is the story of an honest cop in Mumbai police and his vigilante son. The father takes the extreme step of self-immolation to save his honor. The son looks his father dying haplessly. But he makes a promise to him; he decides to clean the Mumbai police of corrupt officials not by bringing them to justice but by burning them alive. The son is Veer and he goes on the rampage undeterred and undetected until an honest police officer comes in the picture.

Highlights of Satyameva Jayate 

  • Dialogues are the biggest highlights of the movie
  • The action and drama produced with the help technology is simply amazing
  • The fast pace of story keeps the audiences glued to their seats
  • Muscular John Abraham speaks more with his actions
  • Milap Milan Zaveri makes audiences believe that miracles do happen

Where Satyameva Jayate lost connections with the story? 

  • Veer has two faces – a vigilante and a chocolate boy romancing with a doctor
  • Aisha Sharma is introduced only to keep John Abraham engaged when he isn’t burning police officers
  • In one scene, Aisha Sharma compares standing of soldiers at border with standing of audiences in a cinema hall
  • The movie shows that it is only police officers that are corrupt

Satyameva Jayate First Look & Poster 

It seems that the poster is set on fire. A heroic and patriotic poster is created with fire. The fire makes the lions of the National emblem look fiery and John Abraham looks like the human face of the lions. In the bottom, there are Manoj Bajpayee and Aisha Sharma. Also, there is a police medal with the name of the movie.

Why watch the movie? 

Action is the only USP of the movie. If you want to see John … Read more