Hollywood Searching Movie Review

Searching: Old fashioned story told in high-tech language

Searching: In search of a real life in the digital world

Searchingis a technology based crime-thriller where a father searches his missing daughter tracking her digital footprints. The idea seems bizarre but it is the reality. People live more in the virtual world than the physical and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the virtual life is the real life.


A 16-year-old girl Margot Kim goes missing and soon becomes untraceable in the physical world. Her father David Kim has many hopes from the efficient detectives of his state police that fail to get a breakthrough in the case even after 37 hours. Desperate David Kim decides to take the search to the virtual world.

The police search Margot Kim everywhere except for her laptop but David Kim decides to trace digital footprints of her daughter from her computer that opens the secret world of Margot Kim before her father. But it is only a start as there are many surprises waiting to unfold before David Kim.

The father starts #FindMargot that goes viral and soon there emerges counterhashtag campaign #DadDidIt. But David Kim intensifies his search for Margot after the start of the hate campaign. He meets pothead brother of her daughter and a piano teacher while tracking her daughter. Soon he gets a breakthrough and hopes to reunite with her daughter.

Searching First Look & Poster 

It is a silent poster as only a Smartphone is used as a character in the poster. The phone has four active communication lines showing the digital footprint of the owner of the device. Name of the movie features on the bottom of the right side of the poster. The poster truly reflects the digital theme of the movie.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a digital crime thriller that opens secrets of the virtual world and its direct impact on the physical world. A desperate father trying to find his missing daughter on the web makes an interesting story.

Movie Trailer


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