Teen Titans Go Movie Review

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies to become superheroes

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is another superhero movie from the stable of DC Comics but it promises a different adventure. And it would be better to say that this movie is born out of the desire of every cartoon character of DC Comics. When every character is being personified in movies then why should some characters left behind?

Demanding toon characters 

The Teen Titans don’t want to remain mere audience of the other characters. They want their own movie but the Teens aren’t taken seriously. They are comedy stars and Warner Bros. Animation makes movies of superheroes only. The Titans aren’t superheroes hence they aren’t suitable for making action thrillers. The characters that are always seen doing petty things and enjoying sandwiches and chocolates can’t become a savior of the world. The Titans need to do something that makes them superheroes.

Making of superheroes 

The Titans decide to approach leading Hollywood directors but they are rejected and doors are shut on them. Discouraged from the response, they think of another way to become superheroes. And the second step of Titans is going to be a death trap for them and the entire world.

Deathstrke is the villain who plans to control the universe by controlling the mind of the entire Justice League. Unaware of the evil plan of Deathstroke, Titans become a part of his team. Here the story becomes interesting because a powerful enters the story. But the Titans have to do a superhero job to make a story for a movie.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies First Look & Poster 

The Teen Titans are seen standing outside a movie theater and they are enraged for not having a single movie to their name. They have a villain lying on their feet and they want to show the world that they are also superheroes. The vivid colors of the poster make it more energetic.

Why watch the movie?

It is for the first time that the toon characters are going to become superheroes. It is a family … Read more